I wonder …

I always wonder how people would react to me saying “Noah and I have been trying for 7 years for a baby and sadly that hasn’t worked out” when someone asks why we don’t have kids or ask if we want kids or say “you wouldn’t understand you don’t have kids”.

I am talking about someone we may know but not overly well. Not a total stranger of course but maybe a friend that you haven’t seen in years, a friend of a friend or a friend of a family member.

I am the type of person that may just laugh lightly or say something generic in response. I know that people don’t realize their innocent question/comment may be hurtful or may not be appropriate

Sorry for the rambly post but I have been thinking about this lately as more people bring it up.

Ahh a nice break away!

We have returned from vacation where I took a break from every day life and fertility.

It was complete heaven. Not having to worry about a thing, no injections, no pills, no appointments, nothing! It was a nice break that is for sure.

Then when we returned and I went and got the mail I got a nice surprise and the insurance re-evaluated the GonalF and we ended up getting nearly full coverage which made me very excited!

Now back to reality and work, blah!

Hmm weird pains …

Last night and into today I have had weird random pains in my stomach. I wasn’t able to sleep at all last night because of the pain.

I wasn’t sure if it could be OHSS this late in the game so I called the clinic for they thoughts. They said to keep an eye on it.

It is weird it is a pain that starts in the middle and almost runs back and forth across my stomach.

Did anyone experience something like this after two iui’s and then not taking any hormones or anything?

It is a new day!

It is a new day and I am going to think of all the positives to not being pregnant …

– able to keep my newly acquired slim and trim body
– able to enjoy my holidays and have a few beverages should I wish
– able to spoil the little ones in my life with all my love (well I would do this one regardless)
– I can eat whatever I want
– I can take Advil if I have a headache
– I can go back to my little circuit training

Of course I would be expecting right now but those are some pretty good positives for now.

Have a great day!

Not this time …

Received the call … doesn’t look like this time is our time.

We will be taking a break, maybe for the summer or maybe forever.

We will pick ourselves up and continue on.

Thank you for all the support and words of encouragement.

No more work days until test day!

Happy weekend everyone!

I had such a positive week this week, for sure thought, even knew that I was pregnant.

Then yesterday the spotting started, I know that spotting can be normal during pregnancy but my body always spots for three days before my period and this would be the right timing.

The symptoms that I did have, well some are still here and some are gone. I was hoping it wasn’t just the progesterone.

So … Now I wait … Cautiously again.

I am hoping and praying every day this little bean sticks.

2 more sleeps until I know for sure.

Gag, what an emotional roller coaster, no wonder I am tired.

I have a very important event this weekend that will hopefully keep my mind off things, my beautiful nephews 2nd birthday party!


Cautiously optimistic

I am trying to tell myself to be cautiously optimistic… All day everyday!

I KNOW that progesterone can mimic the signs of pregnancy and so I don’t want to get too excited just yet.

I have a few different symptoms than last time which have my hopes up a little higher this time.

The biggest thing though and I think it was all my body and not the progesterone is that I had mild spotting at around day 6 piui … I am hoping all out hoping that it was implementation.

So until Monday I am going to be positive that this is it.

I just keep telling myself that this is it, I am pregnant this time. I know I can’t will myself to be pregnant but at least it keeps any little negative twinges at bay.