Should have been transfer day today

It was the first thing that I thought of this morning when I woke up … today should have been transfer day. However that is not in the cards for us this time around.

So instead I put my kicks on, harnessed the dogs and went for a run.

My pity party is over but I wanted to share a pic that came through my news feed today and I thought that it was pretty appropriate (sorry for the swear mom and Aunt Sher!) but I think that it is justified in this case!



Sometimes chocolate does make everything better!Yesterday I had a lovely surprise and an edible arrangement was delivered to my house. My mom and sister surprised Noah and I. It brought a huge smile to my face and they ever so delicious!

The good news?

The wait was fast! The bad news is that my cycle has been cancelled 😦

The doctor called about an hour after my test and said they found a Pollup and they were cancelling as the embryos would not survive. So it is good they caught it but sad I am delayed (especially since I only have 3 embryos).

I will be delayed about 3-4 months as I have to have another sono and then of course wait another cycle and then start the transfer process if all is clear.

I felt a little beaten up but I had a little cry and now I am back on the horse.

Guess what I get to do today?! You guessed it…wait!

My Matris test is now done. So now I wait until tomorrow to find out what time my transfer is on Thursday but of course I am also waiting until Thursday to find out if I passed the Matris test.

So nerve wracking!

So until then … I wait!

While at the clinic I paid the rent on the condo (Noah’s way of saying embryo storage!). So they are still tucked away all nice and tight until Thursday when I need them.

Got another card this morning from my friend who makes the best cards … laughed and laughed again!


Got the call!

My body is ready! Eeek! So exciting, all this work and waiting is now down to mere days!

The next steps are:  Matris test on Tuesday, that is the test that will tell them if my lining repair has worked and if I have a sticky lining.

Then Thursday I will have my transfer, I will not know if my lining repair has worked until that morning! You go to the clinic and if all is good with the test results they do the transfer that day (they won’t thaw the embryos until they know I have “passed” the test). I need to score a 6 or higher.

So next week is a BIG week! Next week I will be PUPO.

My friend sent me this homemade card today and I was dying laughing, had to share!


Lining check – check!

This morning I had my lining check and things are looking good! 

I am sitting at 9.6 with a triple lining. Yah body!

Now to wait for the call from the doctor to see if I can stop my Lupron and to see if I am on   schedule for my test on Tuesday to see if my repair worked and transfer on Thursday. I think I can see the finish line through the rain!

On the way to the clinic this morning I first saw a double rainbow, then turned the corner and saw the other half and then after my apt walking to the train I saw a different one! That had got to be good luck right?!

Have a great Friday and happy weekend everyone! 

For fun!

So for fun I had a fertility reading done. I always regret when I get these types of things done because I then analyze and worry about everything that was said! I am crazy I know 🙂

This is what it said …

“Hi Carla,

Thanks for being patient with me while I got back to your reading. They are showing me a little boy that they are going to relate to SEPT so this is either birth month, conceive month or the month you find out in. They really make me feel that middle of Sept is the connection so I am not sure if you can look ahead and see if you would be ovulating or testing around the 16/17th????

They are showing him to be born with just a bit of hair, not much and seems like its mostly on the very top of his head. I am seeing that you often pull it just slightly and make it stick up a bit. He is going to be in the low 7lb range when he is born.
They are showing him as someone who is very much “go with the flow”. Other people can argue or be upset, he is just happy to be having a good time and is thankful for whatever he is given. He doesn’t make anything a big deal., Always grateful. 
He does like to play sports, but they are showing that soccer and basketball because of his height are always going to be his favorites.
He is very much a family oriented person, so spending a lot of time at home and wanting to play games with everyone. Having family dinners. These are always things that he will cherish and come to expect. They are showing him moving out in his early 20s, and doing so while working and taking courses through college. I want to say around 23.
When it comes to career paths, they are showing that he is going to be working with the disabled adults. This is a home that he works in, seems like a care aide, but in a slightly more specialized position. Often running the house, scheduling the other co-workers and ensuring that their 4 clients are well looked after. He is often able to take trips with the house to ensure that they are still being able to do things that they enjoy.
When it comes to marriage I am seeing him closer to 28. They will have two girls and one boy of their own.”
So now for me I wonder what the connection is for the middle of the month. I will be finding out at the start of the month if the transfer worked … Now on to analyze everything!