Today I had my assessment appointment and everything is progressing as it should be. I was a little worried at first as my lining is only at 7.2 but it still 6 days away from transfer so lots of growing time.

I have received my next set of med instructions and my appointment for my Matris test on Sunday at 7am downtown and then after that … transfer time!! I will know for sure on Monday when my transfer will be but it should be on Tuesday.

So the game is progressing as it should … now to win the game!

I hope that you all have a wonderful New Year’s and get everything that you dream of in 2016.



2016 is going to be my year!

It is funny, I think I have written this before but I have always been positive about my fertility treatments even when not so positive things have been happening.

However this time, I feel different. This time I feel at peace with knowing it is going to work. It is very hard to describe the feeling but when I think of 2016 me being pregnant is what I think of. If I think of next Christmas I think of one with a wee baby, when I think of this coming summer I think of being very pregnant in the heat. It is a real progression in my thoughts, not a forced thought. 

So here is to 2016!!


Assessment day

I had my assessment apt yesterday to make sure that I was surppressed enough to move on to the next rounds of meds and thankfully my body is being good to me so far this time and is ready.

My next apt is Dec 30th and that will be  to see if my lining is thick enough. Anything 8mm and over I am good to go! On that day they will also tell me when my Matris test is to make sure my lining repair is still holding and the. Of course they will also tell me when my transfer is. They are still aiming for the 5th of Jan but we all know things can always shift with IVF. 

So we are on the right track, just need to make sure we don’t veer off.

I hope that everyone has a very Merry Christmas and all your wishes come true xox