Over the past couple of days I haven’t had a lot of good sleep as my papa had a stroke and was in the hospital and I was there late and when I did sleep, my sleep was broken as I was worried.

However he was sent home yesterday and I had a great sleep last night!

Such a great sleep that I had the most vivid dream about pregnancy that I have ever had.

I dreamt that I was at an ultrasound to see the babies heartbeat but they were also able to determine the sex of the baby even though it was really early.

I have ALWAYS thought that I would have a boy. Hands down, always always. In this dream it was a girl! I can remember the feeling of finding out and whispering the name that I have already chosen for her and looking over at Noah and seeing his tears.

It was one of those dreams that you wake thinking about and I am still thinking about it.

I know that they say that when you dream it doesn’t really mean what you dreamt, but this was so real!

Now to shake off the feeling of just wanting to go back to sleep to continue the dream and get on with my day, which includes a nurse call at 8:15am for my surgery on Friday.

Have a great day everyone!

Surgery is scheduled!

I met with my surgeon today and we scheduled the surgery. He has pushed things along and my surgery will be on the 2nd of October.

The surgery includes a Hysteroscopy, Polyectomy and D&C, who knew that a D&C would be included but I guess it is because of the dilation that needs to take place for the other two parts.

I have to schedule an admitting apt and a doctors apt with my family doctor to fill out all the forms. That apt is what I am dreading because my doctor doesn’t like to fill out forms so I am sure that he will have comments … I just have to make sure to leave there with the forms since I won’t have much time after that apt to make my admitting apt.

So now, on to the next stage of the game waiting!

Happy long weekend!

I received a call yesterday and my apt to meet the surgeon is on Wednesday. Yah! Now I hope that the wait for the actual surgery isn’t long either.  It isn’t with my other fertility doctor as he doesn’t operate in my area, just does an office visit once a week so I am meeting yet another new doctor!

So at least apt one is booked and we are on the road.

I hope that everyone has a wonderful long weekend 🙂

Well, doesn’t that just bite!

I had my sono today and there are two lovely polyps there. Boo 😦

The great part is that my own doctor did the sono so I had immediate answers. He is sending me to my other fertility doctor for surgery to remove them.

Keeping my fingers crossed that the surgery is soon as my repair for my sticky lining only lasts a certain amount of time.

Let the next part of the wait begin 🙂

Here is a pic for you in the lovely blue hospital gown!

Over and out …