I certainly hope that our child(ren) arrive and are automatic Pat fans because if not they may be sent back (just kidding, I will still love them, not sure if their father will though!).

Anyway in the spirit of the Superbowl this weekend, I am reaching out to my followers and fellow bloggers to see what is your fav type of chili is … do you like chili that has cooked in the crock pot all day, or would you rather a chili made the old fashioned way on the stove and left simmering all day?

Go Pats!!



It is important to have a good support system around you when you are going through something as large, invasive, crazy, emotional, scary, nerve racking as IVF and it is equally important to have a clinic and nurses/doctors that you can trust.

My patient liaison is absolutely incredibly amazing. I have emailed her probably 20 times since my apt two weeks ago and each time she answered with what I read as “with a smile”. She has even given me sh*t for researching online and reading something that wasn’t favourable, she said that she is there for a reason and I am to use her for my research. Ha! Love it.
I am thankful for my FULL support system.
Now … has my two weeks passed yet?!

My mama :)

Today I write about one of the most amazing woman in my life who unconditionally loves me, supports me, and is always there for me. This beautiful lady is not only the best mama, she is also the best grandma one could ask for. My nephews are so incredibly lucky to have a grandma like her.

Recently I wrote a blog post about traditions or things that people did when they were trying to have children. And a few people mentioned moonstones. My mom started to research right away what she could do to give me that Moonstone. She found someone on Etsy that made a beautiful necklaces and today it arrived in the mail. Not only is it a beautiful little Moonstone but there’s also a turtle pendent on it which are my favorite.

I know that I am an incredibly lucky individual to have such a wonderful person in my life and I just wish that everyone could have a mom like I do. One day I will strive to be a wonderful mom to my own children like she is to me.


Happy Sunday!

Today while browsing all of my blogs and FB groups etc, I came across the attached saying (see pic). It really resonated with me for some reason and it made me stop and think, I have no control over this. Yes, I can control how I treat my body, but not the way my body will react, I can control my daily stress levels, but I cannot control the stress levels that my body will go through once I start stims, medication, retrieval etc. So I think that reading this saying, really put things into perspective for me.

Wanted to share 🙂


My own 2ww

For those that aren’t quite sure what 2ww means, it means 2 week wait … this is the waiting period after ovulation that you wait to see if you are pregnant.

Of course I am not at my real 2ww wait yet, but I am at my 2ww waiting for my period to start so that I can start IVF.

Everything to do with infertility is about waiting but sometimes the wait feels WAY LONGER than others. This time, it feels like forever. Who would think that someone would be waiting for their period to arrive!

The short forms!

I need to practice up on my IVF short forms!!

I have joined some more groups and everything is a short form!

PUPO, STIMS, FET, B/A and so on!

I think someone should create an IVF dictionary!!

Share some that you were not sure of when starting!