A little break from the world 

Recently both my mom and I had read about colouring books for adults and how they ease your mind and help you relax. Yesterday she bought me a beautiful colouring book and pencil crayons.

I started to colour last night and within minutes my mind was occupied with colouring and I without knowing it half an hour passed in a blink of an eye.

So what they say about the mental break really is true. 

I can’t wait to work on the book and finish a page.


I should write a book …

…called The Good (?), The Bad and the Ugly of IVF.

There are so many things that I learn every day with IVF. I write my blog for myself and for others, to let them know that maybe what they are going through, they are not going through alone. Or maybe my “special” GDA case makes someone realize that there could be something wrong with them that is easily fixed.

But still there is so so so much to learn about IVF and even people that have gone through it 3, 4, 5 times and they still don’t know everything about it. No one does.

But the things that I am still learning boggle my mind.

Next part is not for squeamish people… I know that bleeding is normal during the birth control and Lupron stage of either a retrieval or a FET but did you know that it is completely normal to fill a pad within 5 minutes and to stand up after sitting for 10 minutes and have the blood come streaming out? Ya that is normal or says my nurse that I was speaking to this morning.

Oh the joys of IVF .. not the mention the cramping pain that comes with the bleeding and the light head feeling and the not quite “there” feeling that comes with the loose of blood.

Wonder if anyone would read my book?!

Welcome back my little prickly friend

Injections have started this evening. Welcome back Lupron!

It seems like I am an old pro at giving myself the injections, so much so I didn’t even really stop to make sure I was giving the right amount! I double checked and I am!

Next step – biopsy/scratch next Thursday.  


Paper work much?!

I received all my consents in the mail today for my FET, four packages of multiple pages each. This is serious stuff. 

The one line that made me stop (yes I actually read it all) was “As part of the program, it is understood that I (female patient) will be required to undergo an embryo transfer in order to obtain pregnancy.” 

I obviously know that this is the case but actually reading and signing it feels like a different story. Almost a little gut wrenching. 

Oh well, as they say C’est la vie and this is how my “vie” is.

Have a wonderful weekend everyone!


It feels even more real now

I received my FET (frozen embryo transfer) schedule yesterday and now it feels even more real!

I start meds today and I am scheduled for my FET on the 20th of August. Of course that can change by a few days either way, as we all know.

Reading the schedule I decided I had to put everything into my calendar again, some days I will be taking up to 5 meds, different times and different doses. My calendar now looks like I am a pretty important person with so many times booked off! 

Hope that everyone has a great weekend 🙂 

Let the Games Begin!

Just got word that my progesterone and estrogen have gone down and I am ready to start my transfer protocol. I will be starting meds on Friday of this week and in approx 5 weeks I will have the transfer as long as the repair worked (will have a test two days before they thaw the embryo).

So we are now one step closer 🙂

Silly tricky body!

My body is such a trickster. I thought I was starting my period but alas I did not.

My estrogen and progesterone is still much too high.

So for now, I am off to the Stampede for some old fashion fun! Maybe she will make an appearance upon my return from the Wild Wild West 🙂