Did it again!

On Friday, I ran into someone that I see every so often and the person they were with was showing a picture of a new baby in their family. The person said to me “Carla, you don’t have children do you” and I looked at them straight in the eye and said, “No, we don’t. We are actually starting IVF”. The SHEER joy on their face and in their eyes was priceless. They were so excited for me (us) and it was an amazing reaction that made me so happy.

I don’t know if this feeling of wonderment and freedom of not hiding behind comforting words is going to diminish but for now I am enjoying it!

AMH and Lining Update

Well, what a day! A day full of answers.

Had my ultrasound and bloodtest this morning (veins were BAD and kept rolling blah) however my lining is growing well (already at 9.8) which is great and now I have my date for my biopsy. Then my follow up to that apt is on the 14th of January. However … my egg bank results (AMH) came back. Sadly, I don’t have many eggs. I have far less than expected for someone of my age and health. So that means my course of treatment is going to be different then it would have been. Not necessarily bad but many different medications now. They also said they strongly recommend acupuncture as I will need all the help that I can get. So hopefully I will still start mid January but it will all depend on when my cycle starts, if it starts before my biopsy is back then I will be pushed to February.

So now at least I have some answers which is important to me and I can move forward knowing that the doctor has a plan.

Next up – let’s pray for a sticky uterine lining!

Acupuncture and IVF

I have been doing a little research on IVF and acupuncture and it was actually Noah my husband that picked up all the brochures on it at our clinic.

Of course when one goes though the extreme of IVF to try and have a baby they want to give it every possible chance. So does that every possible chance include IVF? Not sure!

Anyone have any thoughts? Negative or positive?

It’s not secret …

… And it feels absolutely liberating telling people about our IVF journey.

I am beyond the point of laughing quietly or saying something comforting when someone asks me about children.

I am now full out saying, we are not able to have children naturally and we are starting IVF in January if all remaining tests go well.

I never thought that I would have to say those words in a million years but I do and I am okay with that and I am okay with being honest and forthcoming to those that ask.

Now that I am in that space of mind, it feels fantastic. I also know that it means that I am 100% happy with our decision of moving forward.

May I come back?!

I know that I have been away for some time, but we both needed some time to think and reflect and review just what the heck was going on in our lives.

I am happy to say that Noah and I have decided to continue on our infertility journey and will be starting IVF in the new year.

We met with our new doctor today and we will be doing a mock trial which will start on day 1 of my next cycle, so probably Saturday, we had DNA fragmentation done, tons of blood work and a AMA (I think that is what it was called) test to see how many eggs I have in my “bank”. So we should be good to go for mid January depending on the results from the mock cycle (if that comes back with indication that my uterine lining is not sticky, then they will fix that which takes 3 months and then on to the firs cycle).

We are pretty excited, nervous, excited and confident that just may be the ticket!