Back on track?!

By George, I think that we are back on track!

I received the all clear from my doctor on my sono. He said that he had not seen clean surgery like that in a long time. So FET round has started.

It seems like my anticipated date of transfer will be Jan 5th, 2016. Seems so far away but at the same time so close.

Now the next hurdle will be making sure that my lining repair is still in tack so that we can move forward with the transfer. My doctor doesn’t think that it will be an issue so I am putting it out of my mind for now.


Maybe the wait is over?!

This morning I had my day three ultrasound and blood work. Just got the call and all is well to start the pill on Tuesday. 

I still have to book my sono to make sure that I have healed from my surgery and that I have no further polyps growing. That is the next small hurdle but hopefully all is well there.

I am on a long protocol so the next six weeks will be my frozen embryo transfer protocol.

Hopefully just after Christmas or in the very beginning’s of the new year we will have our transfer. 

This picture is from the fertility clinic and it always makes me smile because it is true it doesn’t just take Noah and I to make a family we are relying on their help as well.

Have a great Sunday everyone!


Dipping toes slowly in the water 

It is with trepidation that I allow myself to feel a little excitement.

We had a great appointment at the fertility doctors yesterday and everyone is so excited for us which means the world to me but I am not quite as excited. Maybe because it has been let down after let down? Now that we finally have some encouraging news, I put a barrier up of some sort and yes I am happy but not estatic (yet!).

My fertility doctor was very happy with the surgical report and the notes from the surgeon.

The next step is another sono. I of course groaned when I heard this but he has to make sure I heeled properly from my surgery (which I guess makes sense lol). The fabulous news is he is letting me do that at the same time of my frozen transfer protocol so I don’t have to wait a whole other cycle. Yah! 
The even better news is that he doesn’t think they are closing for Christmas. He said that the office will be closed but he/they will still be performing procedures. 
So as long as my sono is good we can start the transfer process. If not, then I will have to wait but I am putting that thought out of my head for now.
So, slowly I am now getting somewhere!