If you are scared of needles don’t open this post!


My cycle started yesterday morning, yah! So that means Depot Lupron for this girl.

Went to the clinic this morning and of course the amazing Sarah modelled the needle for me (she is used to my pictures for my blog now!) and not only is she a good needle model she gave me the needle without any pain at all. When you see the needle you will understand how happy that made me!

Back in 4 weeks for my next stop, but until then bring on the menopause symptoms 🙂

Have a great day!


Final update for a little while :)

Noah and I are over the moon as we have three beautiful embies that are now fast asleep waiting for their mama to have her body repaired.

This whole experience has been interesting, challenging, rewarding (hope it gets even more so) and I would confidentilly say nerve wracking!

We are now on to the next step, starting Depot Lupron once my period starts and I will be on that for 5 months before I get ready for the transfer.

To celebrate I went to meet the tattoo artist last night and made my apt for my tattoo for next Wednesday! Woot woot!

Also funnily enough Noah’s IVF gift from me arrived yesterday. A customized fishing jersey. He said that I didn’t have to thank him because I did all the work. I said you put up with me screaming over chicken in hour lunch. Ha!



3 days past retrieval

Well 3 if I count day of retrieval… So Saturday started off on a high when we got a call saying we had 5 mature eggs out of the 6 retrieved and out of those 5, all 5 fertilized.

If was nice to hear and put a bright spot in my day. I needed that bright spot as I really didn’t feel well. I had massive bloat and swelling and felt that my stomach was going to explode. I had to wear Pajama pants all day as that was the only thing that didn’t dig in.

I woke up this morning feeling about 50% and thought that was pretty good. Headed out to Costco and then had to come home and have a nap, I just have no energy. 

Then I got the call from the nurse with today’s results, sadly 2 of our emmbies didn’t make it through the night and now we have 3 left.

So keeping our fingers crossed for those 3 being strong and fighters.


Retrieval is done :)

Retriecal is all done 🙂

I arrived one hour before as instructed and I was checked in and given my name band. I was then called in right away and they took my blood pressure and started my IV.

Noah stayed in the waiting room for that part but about 5 minutes after I left he was taken for his sample. Once he was done, he came and dressed for the retrieval room. I relaxed and let the sedation so it’s job for about 45 minutes.

It was then my turn. Noah and I were walked to the room and got up on the bed. There were three nurses and my doctor. They made sure that Noah and I could each see the screen. I was then given the option to either go all the way to sleep or be put in to a relaxation state and so I choose that so that I could watch what was going on, on the monitors. 

There were three nurses, one especially for me that gave me the meds and monitored me, one that only took care of my eggs, one that ran the ultrasound machine and then of course my doctor. Everyone was super nice and made sure I was comfortable.

The doctor explained each step of the way and kept making sure I was okay. 

The only part that I felt was the needles going into my cervix but even then it wasn’t crazy pain, just a small jab, less than giving blood even.

It was literally over before I knew it, I was probably in the room for 15 minutes. Right before I was moved back to the recovery room I was given a pain medication. We sat in then recovery room for about half an hour and waited for the doctor to come back and give me my orders. He said the embryologist would call us tomorrow with an update on how things are going. 

We were expecting to retrieve 5 eggs and in the end we got 6. The doctor said that is the minimum he is comfortable with so we made the min!!

Now I am off to have a rest as I am quite sleepy and in a little bit of pain. Nothing too crazy though. 



56 needles and not one bruise until today?!

I thought that I did really well, I have given myself 56 needles since the 17th of Feb and not one bruise. Then I woke up this morning and the trigger (HCG) shot gave me a nice big bruise. I guess it was an IVF parting gift.

Must admit it is going to feel weird this evening not stopping everything at 6:30pm to give myself three injections.

What am I going to do with my time now?!

I got the call, I got the call!

I got the call from the clinic and our retrieval will be on Friday! So I will be triggering tonight at 8:30pm and my retrieval will be at 8:30am on Friday morning.

I have to arrive at 7:30am to start the medication etc.

So of course I am already planning what time to get up, what time leave, what route to take, where to park. Gah such a planner!

So exciting, and nerve wracking and so many other things!

What was that saying … something about waiting?!

Another appointment has come and gone and now I am waiting another day. My follicles are growing nicely and I have some 20mm ones now which is great, but they are going to push me one more day.

Basically they would like to see 1000 units of estrogen per follicle and so that would be 5000 and I am just under that. So hopefully one more day will do the trick.

So hopefully we will be having the retrieval on Friday.

I will leave you with a picture of my right ovary, nice and full and doing it’s job 🙂

image1 (12)