Happy 8 sleeps away!!

As I sit here in one of my fav spots I think about this round a little more indepth.

The concept of getting pregnant amazes me … When you are younger you think it is super easy to get pregnant and everyone gets pregnant … Right … Wrong.

As I research more it astonishes me just how involved it is … How the sperm has to break the barrier of the egg. How the instant the egg and sperm meet and meld the genetics and sex is determined. How it goes on a journey down the tubes for days … Boggles my mind.

So as I sit here … I pray that the little egg has almost made it down to the big comfy lining my body so nicely created!!

Have a great Sunday!!


Signs and countdown!

Just in case you were missing my countdown … It is 11 more sleeps!

Of course the “signs” are back!

I don’t feel horrible but I don’t feel great. I know it is much too early for anything but it is still a sign for me!

I am bloated again this month but more so than last. It is uncomfortable to sit at times.

I am tired … Yes again it is too early for anything but I am tired.

So I am taking them all as signs! Good signs that is.

Hope that all my Canadian Friends have a wonderful Canada Day and to my other followers have a wonderful weekend 🙂

13 sleeps left!

That is how many sleeps until my beta! 

Don’t worry I won’t do a countdown like that everyday … well I will do that for myself but I won’t subject my readers to that.

Today was the last of my back to back IUI’s, Noah did his part with staggering results again. Of course day 2 is usually much less but he still had 145 million units before the wash and 60 million with 69% mobility after the wash.

So now the waiting game begins.

Let’s see, what can I fill my time with?

We have the long weekend to enjoy and my nephew’s 2nd birthday party to plan. So there will be a few things to fill the space.


IUI one in the books :-)

Just had my first of back to back IUI’s.  

Everything went well, the analysis is 145 million units before the wash and a shockingly high 80 million with 85% mobility after the wash.

The actual procedure was fine, a little more crampy than last time, but all is well.

Back at home now and just going to take it easy and work from home today.

Now the excruciating 2 week wait starts!

They grew! They grew!

A fabulous appointment today.

I have three very good size follicles. I have a 21 and two 18’s and even a fourth one in there but it is only 13 so it is not measurable.

So my IUI’s will be tomorrow and Tuesday!

The extra day really paid off!!

I am pretty excited as you can tell! Now to pray this one is the one that will work. I know it will be the one!

and day 16!

All done my apt!

So the results are … Down to 3 follies that are measurable which she said she feels much more comfortable with. 5 is a little much!

The left side is dominant and they are both 17’s and almost 18′.

The right side is down to one and it is only a 15 now. The other ones lost the competition against the biggest one and they are gone are basically gone.

My lining is all the way up to 9.

All along I thought my iui would be Sunday and Monday but it seems that my body can hold out another day and so back for monitoring tomorrow and my iui’s will be Monday and Tuesday.

Special needle and the Gonalf pen tonight. Fun times!

Back tomorrow morning for another monitoring so on pins and needles until I get the go word.

My set up for tonight is as follows (in pic!)


Good morning follies!!

Done my day 14 apt!

So get this!!!! I have count them 5 follies that are measurable now!!!!!

However the ones on the right didn’t grow or even shrank a little bit. BUT they may not have actually shrank.

She says because there are 3 in the right now they may be a little squished. My left ovary is now dominant. I have a 14 and a 16 in there now. The right are all around 13 and 12.

Lining is perfect at 8.3 and my estrogen is doubling!

So all in all great news.

I go back tomorrow for another monitoring and iui will either be Saturday and Sunday or Sunday and Monday as we are doing back to back iui’s again.

I course with 5 now there is an increased chance of multiples, even more chance than before!

Very happy with this appointment!