Happy Thursday :)

Hope that everyone is having a great week.

I had my first OB yesterday and I must admit I love my OB. He did my surgery in the fall so I have met him before but he walked in and gave me a huge high 5 on my pregnancy and kept saying congratulations with a big smile on his face.

I went through all the regular questions they ask and all of my own questions.

My protein levels were good and my blood pressure excellent.

I am booked in for a special ultrasound in 2 weeks at the hospital. It is a chorionicity scan. It will see if the twins are sharing a placenta or if they each have one of their own. If they are sharing then it will be a higher risk pregnancy. I am considered high risk now so I will be going to the doctor every 3 weeks instead of 4. I am also still on light activity because of my bleeding. So Noah gets to continue to take care of me 🙂

I asked when they would listen for heartbeats and it isn’t until 14 weeks! Gag! Such a long wait but that is okay because I would rather hear them than not be able to hear them and panic even though it is normal not to always hear them early on. 

I have been taken off of my estrogen now and will remain on progesterone until 12 weeks but I only have to take it at night now which is pretty exciting! Better for a pregnant person to remember to do something once a day instead of 3 times a day! 

Hope that everyone has a wonderful weekend!

I will leave you with this TBT pic … It is my two cousins and myself (the baby in the middle!). 

Lovely little heart rates :-)

The clinic called today and the babies are now measuring the same 🙂 They also have stellar heart rates of 177 and 174. They will start to slow down over the next few weeks and settle into their regular heart rate around 12 weeks.

The good news is that my bleeds are also gone … weird though because I am still bleeding here and there. So the nurse said she thinks that it is from the meds but to mention it to my OB on Wednesday which is my first apt. So that is what I shall do.

Have a great week everyone!



Saw our beautiful babies today 🙂 The tech was a little more hardcore than my first one and wouldn’t really share to much but she did say that all looked good and I shouldn’t worry.

We saw the heartbeats and they looked fast!

The best part is that Baby B actually moved and we saw it. I squealed and then wiped the tears from my eyes.

Should get the full report on Friday or Monday.

A book!

I have teased before that I should write a book on the good, bad and the ugly of infertility. I think that I should also write a book on things that happen during pregnancy that no one tells you about.

Why doesn’t anyone write that it is completely normal to have cramping? Why doesn’t anyone write that you will sometimes wake up and feel like someone has punched you in the stomach?

How about, that yes your hips will actually hurt in the beginning as they start shifting as soon as you conceive and no it won’t only be at the end of the pregnancy that you can’t get confirm.

I am not complaining, not in the least bit, I am ridiculously happy to not be sleeping at night but falling asleep at my desk during the day, SO happy when I feel like a bag of crap and I am eating 10 soda crackers at a time! I just want someone to be honest with new pregnant ladies (scared, or not scared pregnant ladies) that these things are all normal!

Maybe I should start writing this book as I lay wide awake at night!


Released to my OB

It feels somewhat weird that I have been released to my OB. Of course I knew this would happen once my ultrasound results came in and were reviewed but it still seems weird after being with my RE and clinic for so very long. And really it has been the end goal since the very beginning!

My first apt is Feb 24th and at that time I will get a req for my next ultrasound.

I feel a little apprehensive about waiting probably close to 3 weeks for an ultrasound. The fertility clinic said that if my apt wasn’t for a while with the OB that they would take care of the ultrasound but I guess since it is in 2 weeks they feel that is soon enough.

Gah! Don’t they know I want to see my babies before then and make sure everyone is growing well?!

So for now, to wait for my next apt and trust that my body is doing its job properly and all is going well.

Update from ultrasound last Thursday 

The clinic called with my ultrasound results. 

I have two small subchoronic hematoma’s. 

What does that mean – it is the accumulation of blood within the folds of the outer fetal membrane next to the placenta or between the uterus and the placenta itself. 

It should hopefully (fingers crossed) repair itself over time and when I do bleed I have to put my feet up. 

In other news, they have sent my referral to my OBYN of choice so hopefully my apt will be soon. If it isn’t for a while then the clinic will send me for an ultrasound to monitor the bleed and of course check on the progress of the babies 🙂

Becoming more real?

People have been asking me if knowing that we are having twins has become more real. I think it is!

We are over the moon with happiness and wish with all of our hearts that these little beans stick where they are for the next 8ish months. 

When I talk about it people say a huge smile comes across my face and I light up. Maybe that is the pregnancy glow?!

I am still having some bleeding so looking forward to the doctor getting the ultrasound results tomorrow so that they can review it for anything that may potentially look a little off. 

For now, the beans and I are doing well. It seemed that as soon as I found out that we had healthy heartbeats I started talking to them. I caught myself doing that and it made me smile 🙂