Happy weekend!

Hope that everyone has a wonderful weekend.

This morning we decided to hit some yardsales and every yardsale had great almost brand new baby items.

Is it a sign?! Of course I am looking for signs. Silly as it may be.

I also had some spotting late last night and this morning. Hoping it is implementation spotting. Then I was thinking would the progesterone suppositories be aggravating my body? I am going with my first thought!

A rambley post today!

Enjoy your weekend 🙂


I am a very positive person and I am always seeing the positive in things.

So today I need a bit of help to get over my slump.

I so badly want this cycle to work and I keep telling myself it will. Then a little nagging thought that is in the back of my head says don’t be too optimistic … You never know what will happen. I guess I have seen the negative sign on a pregnancy test so many times my body is just preparing itself to see that again.

Help me remain positive today!

Only 10 more sleeps 🙂

Today is brought to you by the letter “P”

P for progesterone. The last time I was on progesterone it was the oral tablets. This time it is the suppositories and wow are they different.

I didn’t realize there would be so much “leakage” so if you are taking them for the first time, don’t panic it is normal!

My sister made a good point, she said that I will probably end up wearing a pad my whole pregnancy anyway so at least this is preparing me!

Sorry if this post is TMI – but wanted to maybe assist others in this regard!

4 dpiui – 11 more sleeps until beta test 🙂

Are you going to test early?!

Are you going to test early?!

Lots of people are asking me if I am going to take a pregnancy test early.

The short answer is no … Well I certainly hope I can hold off.

I was told because of the trigger that taking an early pregnancy test may not be accurate and I could have false hope or be very sad for no reason.

My hubby Noah also asked me to wait until I go for my beta. He has seen how crazy I have gone with buying tests before and doesn’t want me to go through the panic of that again.

So I will go with my doctors advise and his wishes and just wait it out until June 9th.

Bloating?! Is it normal?

My last iui was yesterday and today I have severe bloating. It is actually uncomfortable. I have cramps but they are higher than normal.

Did anyone experience bloating?!

Of course when I look at google, it ranges from I am dying and seek medical attention right away to it’s all in your head!

What? Only one day past IUI?!

May 27th – the day after

It feels quite weird not going to the clinic this morning or having an injection. It feels like I am missing something!

Tomorrow the progesterone will start two times a day so at least it will feel as if I am doing something to help my body.

13 more sleeps until I find out if this IUI worked. It seems so far away! No know that the time will pass quickly but it is hard to tell myself that.

I always tell myself not to wish the time away. Live each day to it’s fullest, but when you are waiting for something as important as this … wow, it is hard to live by your own words.

Second IUI

This post didn’t show up either. So strange.

So we had decided to do back to back IUI’s. The cost of the actual procedure was $325 for one or $600 for back to back. We decided to do back to back since the doctor gave us the okay to do that.

We knew the drill and we were in and out very quickly and then went back after our wait for the procedure.

Today it was a little different as it was a little more painful. She said that it would be a little more painful and take a little longer the second day because the uterus would shy away from the catheter … almost like it knew what was coming!

The other thing that was different was Noah’s sperm count. The first day it was 70 million AFTER the wash with a mobility of 70% which she said was absolutely fantastic, the second day it was 20 million AFTER the wash with 61% mobility. She said that both were amazing and that it was very normal for it to go down on the second day as it was back to back samples. She said that 20 million was still amazing because on a regular sperm analysis they look for 20 million before a wash and his was 20 million after the wash so we were golden.

Noah yelled at me during the 10 minute as I was half ass sitting up texting and he told me to put my phone down and lay down. 🙂