I always wondered what …

…$5000 worth of fertility meds looked like!

Now I know 🙂

I picked up everything I will need for the next little while this morning.  I may need one more GonalF pen and maybe some more Luveris but for now, this is it!

Craziness, pure craziness.


The I am sorry I am a jerk to my husband post

Gah, usually I am quite a nice person, just ask anyone! So working off of very little sleep due to the crazy dreams and dealing with what the hormones are doing to my body equals a not so nice Carla. 

I feel quite bad for Noah. Yesterday he made a beautiful dinner and even made a new recipe that he found and I had an epic meltdown when I got home .. Over what you ask? Chicken! 

It wasn’t the first meltdown and it certainly won’t be the last. So I decided to buy him a little gift. Something that I know he will love and never buy himself. I won’t say what it is just incase he starts reading my blog!  I am calling this gift the “I am sorry I have been such a jerk, thank you for all your support and putting up with me” gift. I think it should be a hallmark card holiday!

Have a great rest of your week everyone!

Happy Friday!!

Hope everyone had a great week 🙂

Not much of an update, started my Lupron this week and besides some of the regular side effects I am also having some crazy ass dreams. Some are disturbing and I wake up thinking about them all day and some are just so plain weird that I wake up trying to figure out the meaning!

This weekend I am being spoiled by my mama bear (remember my post about how great of a mama I have?) well she has struck again!

My sister is turning 30 and my mom is treating her to the spa to be pampered and so of course she needs a chaperone and that of course is me!!!! Looking forward to a massage, facial, manicure and a delish lunch! And what better person to spend it with than my baby sister who just happens to be my bestest friend 🙂

Have a great weekend everyone!!

Lupron Day 1- check!

Today was my first day of Lupron injections. I did not mind my injections when I did GonalF before and this time was no different.

It doesn’t bother me giving myself a needle and the needles are so small that you don’t even feel them going in. I didn’t even have a mark afterward and it isn’t burning or itchy.

So Day 1 under my belt.

I will leave you with a couple of pictures.



Woot Woot! It is all coming together!

I got a BIG surprise today, I was told that everything would be starting much sooner and I would only be on the birth control until the 20th of February. I received my plan and I am all ready to go!

Here is what it looks like for those interested.

Tomorrow – go and pick up meds 🙂 IE … spend BIG money.

Tuesday – start the Lupron medication

Friday – stop the birth control

March 5th – go for ultrasound and bloodwork

March 6th – start GonalF as well as Luveris

Continue on with daily ultrasounds and bloodwork

Expected date of retrieval – March 18th – WOOT WOOT

Now I know that this can change and vary but I am so excited to have my plan in place.

I got my own Sock Buddy!

There are so many things to learn about IVF and Infertility and one thing that I recently learnt about is Sock Buddies.

So during the retrieval and transfer you have to wear the ugly hospital gown (most times) but you are allowed to wear socks as well. So when you have a sock buddy they send you socks that you can wear and maybe some little treats to help you along the way.

So today, I have found my sock buddy … well I posted for one and had a taker, two actually. One in the US and one in Australia!


Day 0

Today is my day 0 of my first IVF cycle. It seems so crazy that I am starting today. What else seems crazy to me? That the first day starts with birth control. Who would have thought that starting birth control would make sense when trying to have a baby.

The birth control cleans the ovaries (which I obviously need a lot of help with now that I have a little friend on my left ovary) and it also helps the doctor start to take over my cycle so he can manipulate it into what he wants.

So cheers to day 0 🙂