Life as a new mom 

Well life certainly is different now. I live my day in 3 hour increments. And I couldn’t be happier. 

Wake up and feed, pump, shower, eat, put laundry in, putter around DING 3 hours are up and it is time to feed again. It makes the day go by fast that is for sure. The days, weeks and now months are flying by. Time should just slow down, except at night when the girls don’t want to sleep, that doesn’t have to slow down!

Something that I never thought to even think about before has now happened. I pump with the occasional breastfeed and sadly my supply is dwindling. I have been trying all the tricks and tips and have resorted to taking medication. I am trying to keep up with the girls but I think that formula is in their near future. This made me very sad for a few days and then I thought I have made it nearly 2 months, and really I will keep pumping as long as I can and they will still get breastmilk for as long as possible. 

I hope that everyone has a fantastic thanksgiving 🙂

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