Outted myself on FB

Well it wasn’t really an outting by mistake, it was intentional after thinking about it all day.  I asked my hubby and he said that he didn’t mind be putting it on FB as it is not a secret and people have a right to know if I want them to know.

So I did a very simple post “This year, I don’t have a resolution, I have a hope. Wishing you all a wonderful 2015” and included the picture below.


It felt liberating all over again!

Happy New Year’s all my fellow bloggers/followers.

What is that one present …

… That you are super excited to give?

Every Christmas it seems that there are one or two gifts that I am really excited about.

This year I actually have many gifts that I am excited to give!

How about you ladies? What are you looking forward to giving most?

Ps I love giving gifts just as much as receiving, probably even more!

What are some of your superstitions or things you did or do around baby making?

How is that for a title?

We are getting a new mattress today so when I was taking the bedskirt out from under our old bed, out popped a baby girl sleeper and baby boy sleeper. I had totally forgotten I had done that. I put them there maybe a year ago as I was told it would bring good luck to have them under our mattress. They haven’t yet but they will be going back under our new mattress when it arrives.

Another thing I do is wear the Tiffany bean around my neck and wrist. If I take them off to wear something else I feel off until I can put them back on so I basically wear them 24/7.

What are some of the things that you did or do?

Please share 🙂

Weight gain and IVF

Morning 🙂

I was reading an article yesterday about weight gain and IVF. The article stated that most people gain between 10 and 15 pounds per cycle but it did not indicate a clear factor on why.

If you have gone through IVF did you gain weight and if you did, do you know why ( as silly as that sounds!)?

I know that you can become bloated and I did during my IUIs but I was able to loose that bloat and not have lasting weight again.

Share your stories 🙂


That is done! That was the last test I needed to do before we could start IVF. Now for the four week wait for the results to come back from Yale.

The actual biopsy wasn’t horrible, it wasn’t like “yah lets do this again” but it wasn’t a screaming in pain procedures (for me at least).

The best part?! No more drugs for now!

Next on tap is my plan apt and review biopsy results apt on the 14th of January. I was hoping for a Jan start date but it may be Feb now as that is a bit more realistic with the holidays and waiting for test results etc.

So now to wait!