I sometimes get asked “Wouldn’t your life be perfect if you had a baby?”.

My answer … No “I have a pretty damn near perfect life right now”. 

I have a wonderful and supportive husband, an amazing family, two gorgeous nephews that light up my world, a beautiful home we have made our own and a job that I love and of course my health (which people take for granted on a regular basis).

Adding a baby to the mix will enhance it in ways I never felt possible but I don’t feel as if my life isn’t perfect or happy because I don’t have a baby.

Don’t get me wrong, I have an earning so deep inside that it sometimes/ almost always aches to have a wee one but my life won’t be over if IVF doesn’t work. I will just carry on with a smile on my face and cherish what I have because I am incredibly lucky to have what I have.


It has been a while …

… but I haven’t had much to update recently!

I am still waiting for my cycle to start again and once it does, then I will start my transfer.

It will be approximately a 5 week process and just before the transfer (2 days before) I will have a special ultrasound that will tell them if the procedure that I am on right now has worked. My uterine lining will be graded and anything above 6 then I am good to go. They will do this before they thaw my embabies so that they aren’t wasted if my uterine wall isn’t sticky.

So for now … sitting and waiting and hoping that everything is going according to plan!

Hope that everyone is having a great Spring! 🙂