6 weeks and Soda Crackers!

Did you know that soda crackers go bad … not just stale but bad? Well now you do, they go VERY BAD.

I am at the point where I feel sick off and on sometimes during the day and if I pop a soda cracker in my mouth I feel better.

Last night I was packing up my crackers out of a new package and one broke so I ate it, OMG, worst taste in my mouth ever. I didn’t think that it was possible for them to go bad but they most certainly do!


PS … I am 6 weeks pregnant today!


Breathing a little easier?

Not yet but maybe next week!

I had my third beta today and my levels are at 36,681, at first I was concerned because they hadn’t doubled from last week but they said that they are not necessarily looking for doubling now, they are looking for raising levels.

My nurse said “Carla, you are VERY pregnant”, I laughed and thanked her.

Next milestone … ultrasound which is next Friday at 11:00am.

Not sure I will be sleeping much on Thursday night!


Twitches, twinges, stitches, pulling and everything else!

Man oh man, I have been feeling some crazy stitches, twinges, pulling etc. 

Of course after some panicked research I read that it is quite normal. 

The things your body starts to go through almost right away is unbelievable to me. And how tired you are yet you can’t sleep at night. Craziness.

A dear friend sent me the image below today and I just have to follow these words of advise. 

2nd Beta Day!


Today was my second beta, I was spoiled by an early call on Tuesday and they spoiled me again. I feel so loved!

So they were looking for around 7300 which would indicate double (first beta was 3681) and my numbers came back at 8731!!

Woot Woot!

Next step two weeks of regular bloodwork and then week 7 I will have an ultrasound.

Smiling ear to ear over here 🙂

The call has come!

We are PREGNANT!!!!  They called me nice and early and I am so thankful for that.

I am over the moon and was quite emotional when they called. I was so excited that I didn’t write down my levels, but they called me back so I was able to ask again and review some questions once I had caught my breath.

Best clinic ever.

My levels came back at 3681 and next step is bloodwork again on Thursday morning to make sure that my levels are increasing appropriately.

Wowza, over the freaking moon!

Thank you SO much for all your thoughts and prayers.



T’was the night before 

Beta and all through the house, not a creature stirred. Oh wait that isn’t true, everyone is feeling anxious it seems!

My stomach is such a mess and we are both counting down the hours until beta which is bright and early tomorrow morning at 7am. I will hopefully know the results between 11am and 1pm.

For now signing off in hopes I can get some sleep tonight.