Oops forgot to update 

We had our 27 weeks scan last Friday and both girls are doing well. 

Adigail is 1 pound 13 ounces and Emersyn is 2 pounds. Adigail was practising her swallowing and was taking big gulps of fluid. 

It is hard to believe that in less than 10 weeks they will be here. I get rather emotional when I really stop and think about it. 

Here are some pics 🙂 

24 weeks today!

Today is an exciting day, the twins have reached viability ❤️. 

They are both moving a lot more. It seems that Adigail is awake during the day and Emersyn at night. Hopefully they both get on the same pattern for when they are born! But in the mean time I am enjoying all kicks, rolls, punches etc. 

The nursery is completely empty now, carpet gone, trim gone and new window ready to go in. I know what I would like for painting and mural now to just get it done!

Hope that everyone has a great weekend!

23 weeks today :)

We are 23 weeks today. Went and saw the girls (yes they are still girls) and they are doing well. 

Baby A – Adigail is 1 pound 3 ounces and is head down and kicking me often in the ribs now. 

Baby B – Emersyn is 1 pound 4 ounces and she is head up. She kicked her sister right in the head during the ultrasound. 

I have now gained 20 pounds but have been steady for the last 3 weeks. Apparently now that the babies start to pack on the pounds so will I! Eek!

Have a great weekend everyone!

Happy weekend!


Hope that everyone is enjoying their Saturday morning. 

We are now 20 weeks! Woot woot! We had an ultrasound yesterday to look at Baby B’s heart as they didn’t want to cooperate last time. After rolling over, going for a walk, going to the bathroom and some jumping jacks we finally got the pictures the doctors needed. 

Some of you may remember we were told last week that they didn’t think two boys but were unsure?

Well it seems that it is two girls! Am I a little shocked? Yes! Am I a little skeptical? Yes! Since we are high risk we have at least another four ultrasounds so I will ask them each time if they are still girls! Lol!

Have a great weekend everyone 🙂

Picture day!

We had our 18w5d anatomy scan today and both babies are doing well. They each weigh 9 ounces exactly and baby a has a heartrate of 138 and baby b has a heartrate of 133. You may wonder why I am still calling them baby a and b and not by their names … Well that is because they actually couldn’t confirm the genders today. Baby a threw us all for a loop and three techs nor the doctor could confirm the gender! Baby B was not in a good position for gender. 

We will be going again next Friday because since B was face down they couldn’t count the chambers so they will also check gender again then. 

Here are some pics! 

In love all over again!

I had an OB yesterday and finally they listened for the heartbeats. 

Baby B who is Henry is sitting high on my left side was fairly easy to find and his heart rate ranged from 140-144 and Baby A (anterior placenta) who is Joseph is sitting low and just under my belly button and his heart was initially 125, the doctor didn’t seem to like that and so he re did it himself and found both boys instantly and Joseph then had a heart rate of 132. He seemed to like that better. Joseph also kicked the Doppler, guess he was sleeping and didn’t like being woken up! The doctor thought it was pretty funny. 

Next ultrasound is 18w5d 🙂


Say what? Two boys?!

Yesterday we went for an elective ultrasound just to see the babies and for reassurance. 

Well low and beyond she was able to tell the gender of both babies and they are both boys 💙💙

It was surreal! I honestly thought it was a boy and a girl but it really didn’t matter to me. I just wanted healthy and happy babies. 

Baby B was awfully shy for a while but then showed his good!

I am in love all over again. ❤️👶👶❤️