Happy Thursday :)

Hope that everyone is having a great week.

I had my first OB yesterday and I must admit I love my OB. He did my surgery in the fall so I have met him before but he walked in and gave me a huge high 5 on my pregnancy and kept saying congratulations with a big smile on his face.

I went through all the regular questions they ask and all of my own questions.

My protein levels were good and my blood pressure excellent.

I am booked in for a special ultrasound in 2 weeks at the hospital. It is a chorionicity scan. It will see if the twins are sharing a placenta or if they each have one of their own. If they are sharing then it will be a higher risk pregnancy. I am considered high risk now so I will be going to the doctor every 3 weeks instead of 4. I am also still on light activity because of my bleeding. So Noah gets to continue to take care of me 🙂

I asked when they would listen for heartbeats and it isn’t until 14 weeks! Gag! Such a long wait but that is okay because I would rather hear them than not be able to hear them and panic even though it is normal not to always hear them early on. 

I have been taken off of my estrogen now and will remain on progesterone until 12 weeks but I only have to take it at night now which is pretty exciting! Better for a pregnant person to remember to do something once a day instead of 3 times a day! 

Hope that everyone has a wonderful weekend!

I will leave you with this TBT pic … It is my two cousins and myself (the baby in the middle!). 

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