6 weeks and Soda Crackers!

Did you know that soda crackers go bad … not just stale but bad? Well now you do, they go VERY BAD.

I am at the point where I feel sick off and on sometimes during the day and if I pop a soda cracker in my mouth I feel better.

Last night I was packing up my crackers out of a new package and one broke so I ate it, OMG, worst taste in my mouth ever. I didn’t think that it was possible for them to go bad but they most certainly do!


PS … I am 6 weeks pregnant today!


2 thoughts on “6 weeks and Soda Crackers!

  1. Cara Maltby says:

    I am smiling like a goof with happiness and excitement for you!!!! Enjoy very step and try not to let worry affect your enjoyment and experience. I look back now and realize I missed a lot of my first son’s pregnancy because I was always waiting for the next test result. Pregnancy is wonderfully amazing (feeling like ass aside). I can hardly wait to see pictures on Friday!

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