The call has come!

We are PREGNANT!!!!  They called me nice and early and I am so thankful for that.

I am over the moon and was quite emotional when they called. I was so excited that I didn’t write down my levels, but they called me back so I was able to ask again and review some questions once I had caught my breath.

Best clinic ever.

My levels came back at 3681 and next step is bloodwork again on Thursday morning to make sure that my levels are increasing appropriately.

Wowza, over the freaking moon!

Thank you SO much for all your thoughts and prayers.



24 thoughts on “The call has come!

  1. Lori Salter says:

    This is amazing Carla… deserve it. And you’ll be great parents! Just think, Noah can teach that child all of his great dance moves lol xoxo

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