Dipping toes slowly in the water 

It is with trepidation that I allow myself to feel a little excitement.

We had a great appointment at the fertility doctors yesterday and everyone is so excited for us which means the world to me but I am not quite as excited. Maybe because it has been let down after let down? Now that we finally have some encouraging news, I put a barrier up of some sort and yes I am happy but not estatic (yet!).

My fertility doctor was very happy with the surgical report and the notes from the surgeon.

The next step is another sono. I of course groaned when I heard this but he has to make sure I heeled properly from my surgery (which I guess makes sense lol). The fabulous news is he is letting me do that at the same time of my frozen transfer protocol so I don’t have to wait a whole other cycle. Yah! 
The even better news is that he doesn’t think they are closing for Christmas. He said that the office will be closed but he/they will still be performing procedures. 
So as long as my sono is good we can start the transfer process. If not, then I will have to wait but I am putting that thought out of my head for now.
So, slowly I am now getting somewhere!

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