What the what?!

Today I came home to a lovely surprise! A cheque from our insurance company covering nearly all of the meds that I have purchased so far. 

So thankful 🙂

Still have to submit about $1500 and hopefully those get covered as well.

Woot woot!!

Good things come to those that wait …

…or something like that.

This morning I had my CD10 ultrasound and bloodwork and the growth that happened over the last two days is incredible. My smallest follie is now 15.2 and my largest is 18.2. So great numbers.

However, I am not having my retrieval on Wednesday now, they want to push me a bit more. So I am on the same meds for today and tomorrow and then I go back on Tuesday. The earliest that my retrieval will be is Thursday.

I am not going to lie I was a little shocked that I am not being seen tomorrow but I have to trust my team as they are the professionals and they know best.  I have to put aside the panic and the worry that I may ovulate on my own (yes I know, crazy but that thought is in my head) and just go with the flow and relax and not stress about it.

Enjoy the rest of your weekend!

Happy Friday! 

How has everyone’s Friday the 13th been? 13 must be a lucky number for me so far … Scan showed five yes five follies this morning. Woot woot!

Jerk face (aka cyst) is shrinking or being pushed out by the follies.

Same meds routine tonight and tomorrow and back on Sunday morning for my next scan.

I had acupuncture today and she put stickers (like little bandaids with a little needle in them) on my legs and they will remain there until Sunday. 

Trying everything possible to make these follies to grow up and be healthy!!


It is crazy how excited one gets when thinking of an apt that is hopefully going to yield positive results! I am looking forward to my apt in the morning. Good thing that it is first thing so I don’t have to wait all day! 

Tonight I started the Luveris and so it was 3 needles. You have to mix the Luveris and the trickiest part is drawing all the liquid and not getting air bubbles. I was concentrated quite hard! 

Happy Hump Day!

Hope that everyone is having a great day today!

Had an U/S and B/W this morning and I will start with the good news … jerk face (also known as cyst) has gone down in size. Other good news is … follies did indeed grow, so the increase of meds worked. The not so great news is … I only have 3 measurable follies right now.

So … meds will stay status quo for today and then tomorrow I will continue the same but add in Luveris. So I am praying that my body kicks it up a notch and starts to grow the small follies!

Until Friday my friends …


CD4 – Happy Monday!

Hope that everyone had  a great weekend and if you are in Southern Ontario, you are enjoying the warmer temps.

Today is cycle day 4 and went for B/W and U/S this morning and my little follies are just that … little! Ha! That is okay, we will get them going.

I still have about the same amount on each side and the biggest one on the right is 8.7mm and the biggest on the left is 8.1mm.

And, we have named my little cyst jerk face. He is the friend that you didn’t invite to the party but came anyway. He is sitting at 13.4mm, he can leave at any time!

I am staying on the same amount of Lupron and heading up to 400 of GonalF! 400!? Good lord!

Next update/apt is Wednesday morning.


Today’s apt!

This morning I had my baseline ultrasound and bloodwork, the cyst was still present in my left ovary but it had gone down a little bit.

They were able to see about 5 follicles in my right ovary and 6-7 in my left ovary so we are off to a good start.

I just got the call that I am ready to rock and roll! Tonight is Lupron as usual and the tomorrow I will be decreasing my Lupron injection and starting the GonalF. Next apt is on Monday to see how things are progressing.

So for now … grow follies, grow!

Have a super fabulous weekend everyone!