I got the call, I got the call!

I got the call from the clinic and our retrieval will be on Friday! So I will be triggering tonight at 8:30pm and my retrieval will be at 8:30am on Friday morning.

I have to arrive at 7:30am to start the medication etc.

So of course I am already planning what time to get up, what time leave, what route to take, where to park. Gah such a planner!

So exciting, and nerve wracking and so many other things!

4 thoughts on “I got the call, I got the call!

  1. Aunt Sher says:

    Woot Woot Woot….so I told your Mom, if she left right now and drove straight, she could be there for Friday morning. She said, oh NO, it will only be Carla and Noah…..I was only kidding!!! But Sweetie, please know we are all there in heart and spirit xoxoxox

    • Thank you! Too funny, she could make it but she is right it is only 2 people and I am not there very long anyway. Then I get to come home and rest …if I can that is. I am not good at this resting thing.

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