I am sure you are all waiting in suspense!

I am done my appointment and while the results were not what I expected to hear today, I have a plan and that is what counts.

So I have an extreme case of GDA ( glandular developmental arrest) which basically means I have no sticky enzymes on my uterine lining which means I cannot carry a baby the way it is now.

So we were given two options. The first option is to do a Lupron injection which is a needle in my bum cheek and it lasts one month and during that month it stops my cycle. However since I have an extreme case I will need to do three of those which equals five months of stopping my cycle. Once I have done that the option would be to do the IVF and continue on with the fresh embryo transfer.

The second option is to do IVF in February when my next cycle is and then freeze the embryos. Then fix the lining. We have decided to go with the second option and do the IVF in February and freeze embryos and then do the transfer in July or August.

I start with CoQ10 tomorrow to assist with better quality and more eggs.

Once my cycle starts the goal is grow 8 to 16 eggs and we will grow them until they are is 1.2 cm in size.

I will start on birth control and then I will continue with lupron and then my gonalf will be starting at 350 units and the highest I ever got with IUI was 150 units so to be quite a bit different.

So for now, we are on track for a Feb start and then retrieval and then five months of “fixing”.

So there you have it!

I feeling I am missing important details but still trying to digest it all!

I will probably remember more later when I re read everything I was sent home with.


Tomorrow’s apt!

Tomorrow I am meeting with the doctor to review all test results and hopefully go through my IVF plan. I am quite excited and of course nervous at the same time. Nervous that my test results won’t be favourable and I will have to take three months of medication or what if I am good to go but the clinic is to busy to start in February?

I bought a cute little note book that is small enough to fit in my purse so that I can write questions on the fly and so far for tomorrow’s appointment I have 13 questions written down.  Of course I have already asked 24095,089874 questions!

My questions range from my Day 1, to retrieval to what can go wrong to how many embryo’s will you transfer.

I know that no matter how prepared I am for the apt I will walk away and think of a question as soon as I leave.

In order to help me ask all the possible questions, can you fire some questions you had at me so that I can write them down if I don’t already have them written down?!

Thanks everyone!


What I am calling my second to last period!

Happy Saturday! I hope that everyone is having a great weekend so far.

I am calling today the first day of my second to last period for a long time!

I am hoping all is okay with my test results and February will be the start of my IVF cycle and then I will be pregnant hence this is my second to last period for a long time.

Power of positive thinking 🙂

Have a fabulous weekend everyone.

Remember my post about acupuncture?

Well I have been going for weeks now and I cannot get over how much I enjoy it. Not sure if it is the heat lamp or the overwhelming feeling of calmness when I am there and for hours afterwards but I would highly recommend it.

My acupuncturist was telling me how she assisted in a birth just the weekend before. She was able to work along with the induction and within 30 minutes the mom was in full labour.

I told her that she will need to come with me for my birth!

Positive thinking my friends.

Have a great day!


Too much water you say?!

The things that we do for these unborn babes. I have gone from working out 6-7 days a week to 4-5 and I have to get down to 3 days … that is one of my goals for mid January.

The other thing that I was told to stop, stop drinking so much water. What? We have always been told that it is healthy to drink lots of water on a daily basis. I was drinking 3 liters a day, yes maybe a little excessive but let me tell you I could tell the next day if I didn’t drink those 3 liters. I have to cut it down to 2 liters a day, why you ask? Apparently I am cooling down my body’s natural incubator. Now we don’t want that do we?!  I drink room temp water but it was suggested that at least one of those 2 liters is hot water with a touch of lemon, now that, that will take some getting use to, if ever.