Weight gain and IVF

Morning 🙂

I was reading an article yesterday about weight gain and IVF. The article stated that most people gain between 10 and 15 pounds per cycle but it did not indicate a clear factor on why.

If you have gone through IVF did you gain weight and if you did, do you know why ( as silly as that sounds!)?

I know that you can become bloated and I did during my IUIs but I was able to loose that bloat and not have lasting weight again.

Share your stories 🙂

10 thoughts on “Weight gain and IVF

  1. I gained 35 lbs between June (stims and first IVF) and september. 35 lbs in 3 months wasnt because of a few cookies and a cheeseburger; I totally believe it was from Ivf. I also was pregnant after the cycle but lost the baby at the end of July so that could be why i might have seen even more weight gain than the standard 15 lbs.

  2. I gained about 15lbs from Feb – July during 1 IUI and a round of IVF. For me I believe it was a combination of complete change in gym and activity routine (I was playing hockey 3x per week and going to the gym about the same amount and that all but stopped during IVF). I also let my food slip a bit during times when I felt down/stressed/emotional and I also believe a ton of it has to do with all the drugs you get pumped into your body during IVF. There are some really great articles out there about the side effects of drugs and what they are doing to our bodies (yes I know necessary evils for our end goals!) and some include tips to help minimize those effects – clean eating, staying active (even if it’s just daily walks), lots of fluids, and rest were typically key factors.

    • Somehow my reply did not come up, thank you for sharing. I have been reading every article I can find on it to help with this. I have recently lost 55 pounds so out of all the side affects the weight gain has me most concerned I know that it is just a drop in the hat for what is to come in the future. Hopefully my healthy eating will help me to keep the weight off and the amount of water I drink and my working out. I will have to make sure to rest though …

  3. aj says:

    I gained 5 lbs from one IVF cycle – probably due to hormones and not exercising. My doctor didn’t want me running with ovaries the size of “small oranges” because it can cause them to twist.

  4. I gained a total of 10 lbs from December to July during my IUI cycles. I lost 5 lbs before IVF and managed to maintain that through healthy eating. I’m actually down 7 lbs since our pregnancy loss.

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