May I come back?!

I know that I have been away for some time, but we both needed some time to think and reflect and review just what the heck was going on in our lives.

I am happy to say that Noah and I have decided to continue on our infertility journey and will be starting IVF in the new year.

We met with our new doctor today and we will be doing a mock trial which will start on day 1 of my next cycle, so probably Saturday, we had DNA fragmentation done, tons of blood work and a AMA (I think that is what it was called) test to see how many eggs I have in my “bank”. So we should be good to go for mid January depending on the results from the mock cycle (if that comes back with indication that my uterine lining is not sticky, then they will fix that which takes 3 months and then on to the firs cycle).

We are pretty excited, nervous, excited and confident that just may be the ticket!

2 thoughts on “May I come back?!

  1. I am so pleased you have made this decision. Don’t give up, it really can work even if it takes a few attempts, it just means you’ll appreciate it so much more when it happens for you. Good luck, keep us posted xx

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