Second IUI

This post didn’t show up either. So strange.

So we had decided to do back to back IUI’s. The cost of the actual procedure was $325 for one or $600 for back to back. We decided to do back to back since the doctor gave us the okay to do that.

We knew the drill and we were in and out very quickly and then went back after our wait for the procedure.

Today it was a little different as it was a little more painful. She said that it would be a little more painful and take a little longer the second day because the uterus would shy away from the catheter … almost like it knew what was coming!

The other thing that was different was Noah’s sperm count. The first day it was 70 million AFTER the wash with a mobility of 70% which she said was absolutely fantastic, the second day it was 20 million AFTER the wash with 61% mobility. She said that both were amazing and that it was very normal for it to go down on the second day as it was back to back samples. She said that 20 million was still amazing because on a regular sperm analysis they look for 20 million before a wash and his was 20 million after the wash so we were golden.

Noah yelled at me during the 10 minute as I was half ass sitting up texting and he told me to put my phone down and lay down. 🙂

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